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This gift of nature contains psilocybin, a psychedelic compound, that will alter your thoughts and emotions. You’ll experience a change in the world around you when like halos around lights and objects and illusions such as tasting sounds or hearing colors.

Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous?

The risk is small, some users are accidentally poisoned from eating the poisonous variety, others combine magic mushrooms with a substance of abuse or other medication.

Leave the picking to the hunters who are knowledgeable in mushroom identification.

How does it taste?

When taken raw it has an earthy flavor and a rubbery texture. It’s not like the mushrooms that you use for cooking to make the food delicious like Shitake.

How do you take it?

They are taken fresh or dried out, others make tea and some mix them to make tasteful treats.

Can you get addicted?

Magic mushrooms are not addictive you can opt out without any side effects. But like LSD you become tolerant to the effects quickly and need to take more in your next trip.

Big Mex

Big Mex Shrooms

Big Mex Shrooms originated in Mexico and was introduced by the developer of the popular B+ strain, “Mr. G”.

Shroom Teas

Shroom Teas

Our shroom teas come in three different flavours, each containing 1.2 grams of your favourite psilocybe.

Transkei Cubensis

Transkei Cubensis

Transkei Cubensis Shrooms produce prominent body sensations and open eye visuals, with a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience.

Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies

GE Tek Gummies

Each gummies contains over a half gram of our most popular psilocybes and offering a faster-but-shorter trip.

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Start pumping those creative juices to the brain trip your mind to the wonders that magic mushroom online canada brings.

Big Mex Shrooms

Mexican Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybe Mexicana, is the most common hallucinogenic mushrooms. A must for first-timers, trip with Alice in Wonderland in 15 minutes. You’ll feel joy, euphoria, and everything nice experiencing visual hallucinations you can imagine.

Shroom Teas

Your taste buds will enjoy our three wonderful flavors – Lemon Ginger, Licorice Leaf, and Coconut & Pineapple.  Each sachet contains 1.2 grams of your favored psilocybin. Take your time in drinking the hot tea, in small swigs, the effects will last longer.

Transkei Cubensis

Transkei, Psilocybe, Cubensis are magic mushrooms growing in the Wild Coast region of South Africa under the shade of trees.

The hallucinogenic effect of psilocybin can be likened as a voyage to the spirit world similar to LSD but much less potent and a shorter duration. A user will feel disconnected from reality and an altered state of consciousness. Common physiological reactions are limbs and abdomen coldness, swelling of the pupils and relaxing of the muscles.

Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies

An original concoction prepared by the foodie makers of Shrooms Direct. Our secret ingredients are gelatin, sugar, lemon juice, and 0.5 g of ground of Golden Emperor magic mushrooms – a secret no more. There is no taste of shrooms and no stomach ache for most users after ingestion. Each wrapped gummy candy contains a half-gram of a yummy treat that will peak in 20 to 30 minutes and lasts between 2 to 3 hours.


Featured Strain


The true OG of mushroom strains, this powerful catalyst of ancient tribal ritual still has many worlds to reveal to modern psilocybin enthusiasts.