Magic Mushroom Juice Preparation Tutorial

Pulverizing the magic mushroom into a very fine powder can make it easy to dissolve to make a magic mushroom juice. You can also add flavor such as lemon and orange to hide the Magic Mushroom’s taste. Other cannabis trippers claim that adding flavor to the Magic Mushroom can enhance the potency of the tour […]

Best Way to Eat Dried Shrooms Revealed

Shrooms or Magic Mushrooms as most know it might be hesitant to try for most. A natural psychedelic, Magic Mushrooms have actually been proven to be safe based on years of research and experience, plus it offers plenty of health benefits. Where Shrooms are legal, these “fun guys” have been used to aid in the […]

Are Magic Truffles Legal in the UK

Although psilocybin is commonly related to mushroom-bearing bodies, the psychedelic particle also exists in other sections of the organism. Magic truffles are the underground production of some Psilocybe mushroom variants. Despite their unique pattern of growth, they contain a great amount of the radical psilocybin – sufficient enough to urge a perceptive and far-reaching trip. […]

Where Can I Buy Truffle Mushrooms

It is impossible to explain the flavor of truffle mushrooms if you have not tried eating it. Its taste is simply incomparable. The fragrance of a truffle is exhilarating, homey, and peculiar and will land well before the taste buds perform their function.  The moment you will try truffles, you will never confuse them to […]

How Much is a Gram of Shrooms

Shrooms are not necessarily eaten to discover their effects. A lot of people choose to buy their shrooms because of the convenience and ease that they get. However, some prefer to pick them in the wild. Some adventurous shroom lovers grow their own in the comfort of their homes. As long as you know the […]

How to Sell Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been around for a long time but it was not very popular during the 70s or 80s. Interestingly, it made a big comeback during the late 90s and mid 200s. The green revolution is spreading fast among new users paving the way to the magic mushroom revival. It gave rise to the […]

What Are the Best Spores for Beginners?

Magic Mushrooms? If you are not familiar with shrooms, this might get your interest. It might be surprising to know that several types of mushrooms can give you the high similar to what you can experience with weeds. Seems interesting right? Magic Mushrooms contain an ingredient that can get you high. In this article, we […]

How to Order Shrooms Online

As more and more people are being introduced to Shrooms, you can’t help but find ways on how to order Shrooms online. It’s the only way you can consume and have Shrooms if there are no able dispensaries near you. Luckily, there are dozens of Shrooms dispensaries online and you can outright order them anytime […]

Useful Tips on How to Buy Mushroom Spores Online

In recent times, more and more people are getting introduced to using Magic mushroom. Magic mushrooms contain the psychedelic compound known as Psilocybin. It is the active compound found in the magic mushroom that people are after. It gives you that psychedelic high and other health benefits. As you get more and more acquainted with […]

Homemade Magic Mushroom Dryer Tutorial

Congratulations on getting a good harvest on your magic mushrooms! That must be quiet the experience. You have survived a lot of challenges throughout the growing process. Now, your magic mushrooms are harvested and ready for consumption. But of course, you may want to preserve them for your mushroom to last for a long time. […]