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Cool Trippy Music Videos to Watch While on Shrooms

Trippy Music Videos

The best time to take shrooms is during days off. Many people can spend quality time at home while watching trippy music videos while eating magic mushrooms. It is also an important thing to establish comfortable surroundings while ingesting magic mushrooms. Listening and watching videos can give us more convenience while we’re on shrooms.

Trippy Music Videos

What are magic mushrooms?

Since the different health benefits of psychedelic drugs have been debated for a long time, many states, such as California and Oregon, are creating efforts in order to legalize the use of the magic mushrooms. They also considered the magic mushroom as “one of the safest drugs” in the world. At this moment, many scientists are not only researching about many medicinal benefits of magic mushroom, but they are also searching how to improved the shrooms as everyday use.

10 Trippy Music Videos to Watch

We provide some cool trippy music videos you can choose to watch while enjoying shrooms.

1. So High –Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a popular artist from California that has been active in the music industry since 2013. The song “So High” was her first big step forward in her career that is featured in her debut EP. The meaning of the song is about her love for weed that gives high in any type of drugs. You can see Doja Cat in a fairy tale fantasy world like a weed princess that sits on an elegant throne with this music video.

2. All I Need –Clams Casino

Even this music video is not the official music video of the song; you may notice that the images and the editing skills are excellent. You can see different images in the video that have a layer of purple and diffusing a dreamy state. The one who creates this trippy music video is unknown. On the other hand, Clams Casino, who is the one who sang it, is an Italian-American record producer who worked with FKA Twigs, Joji, and Mac Miller.

3. Kids Turned Out Fine –A$AP Rocky

A$ap Rocky is an American rapper known for his affection for psychedelic rock. You may usually notice psychoactive elements in his music video, and this song is the ideal example of it. The music video is about the visual montage of the everyday life of American teenagers. The concept of drug usage, love, crime is conferred about while Rocky sings about the different abuses in American society. It also discussed why young teens are being misunderstood by other people.

4. Pelao –La Chiva Gantiva

Pelao means little kid. The music video of this song is about the dangerous adventure of an immigrant in Belgian. The song is composed of Spanish and French language that tell stories about the harsh life of an immigrant. The lead singer of La Chiva Gantiva is Rafael Espinel described the name La Chiva Gantiva as the new kid on the block. The visuals of the video are enjoyed to watch, but you can see a deeper definition behind it.

5. Someday –Weval

The music video of “Someday” features the filmmaker’s signature fusion of different geometric shapes that can be seen in historical places, farmland irrigation systems, and in skyscraper elevations. The hardly edited music video exhibits the immediate passing of frames that changing in time blended with the music. It also shows smooth visual shifting that depends on the move on the melodic elements of the song.

The shifting design from architecture into a masterpiece is definitely a masterpiece. Weval is a duo of Dutch friends that have known each other in the film industry. As they figure out that they have a lot of usual in the music industry, they decided to blend their styles and create music together.

6. L$D (LOVE x SEX x DREAMS) –A$AP Rocky

Another song from A$AP Rocky that you may also consider watching is this “L$D”. It promptly got enthusiastic responses due to its great visuals. The singer also produces direct videos, providing the importance power of having a strong music video. The music video was taken on an LSD trip in Tokyo used as a video backdrop. You may notice the lights, transitions, and colors are mesmerizing makes many react like it brings anyone into shrooms.

7. Eigen Wereld –Opgezwolle

The idea of the music video “Eigen Wereld” is not that very composite to consider. However, the execution of the video is simply brilliant to watch. While watching the video, you can feel the different references of the artists, the Dutch City of Zwolle, and how the lyrics are played.

The singer of the song is rappers. They have made a mark in the Dutch scene for a long time as it provides a basis for future generations.

8. Even Though –Giraffage and XXYYXX

The music video of this song has already had quite a psychedelic character as a sonic track. The clip strengthens by another 100% character effect. This trippy music video is based on the cover of the albumDo Magic Mushrooms Have Roots? – 1000 words. Tame Impala. You can experience the landscape of beautiful nature and colors while watching the video. The singer of the song is an American producer who is known for creating many electronic kinds of music.

9. PH Theme –Le Peupl de l’Herbe

While watching the best trippy music videos of the “PH Team”, you may notice all types of crazy ideas happen. Even it is not clear how they happen, but still, a nice video to watch, especially while you are tripping on shrooms. Le Peuple de l’Herbe is a French electric music band that has hip-hop music, dub, rock and drum, and acid jazz music.

10. Cirrus –Bonobo

“Cirrus is a 2013 instrumental song that written, produced, and performed by a Los Angeles based British musician Bonobo. Cirrus is the first single from the studio album of DJ Bonobo. You can see a surrealist collage of an American cult film in the video. If you look closely at the video, you can see some funny reference to Escher. Cyriak makes admirable videos that dominate American pop culture.


Now you know the cool trippy music videos to watch while on shrooms. By listening to these music videos, you have a more enjoyable shroom high experience with the beat of cool music. It’s a great activity for your shroom session, alone or with friends.

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Cheap Magic Truffles: Where to Find Them

cheap magic truffles

When you hear the word Magic Truffles, you’d think that this one might be different from Magic Mushrooms. Well, the truth is that this doesn’t seem to be different at all in terms of effects and content. They differ much on their appearance and how they are grown.

Since the cannabis industry is booming, it has, in many ways, have affected the industry involving magic truffles. Many have now become interested in where to find cheap magic truffles. There are now many online shops and dispensaries that sell affordable Magic Truffles.

What are Magic Truffles?

Magic truffles are also called as psilocybin truffles because it contains psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. Magic Truffles are not magic mushrooms, but in any way, they are related because of their effects. Magic Truffles are dormant fungus which known as sclerotia. Sclerotia store food reserves in the hardened mass until it is suitable for the growth of the mushroom. Magic truffles have strong psychedelic effects.

Not all magic truffles have psychedelic effects. Among the hundred species, there is a handful that is non-psychedelic. These types of mushrooms are used as ingredients in cooking as culinary delicacies.

Magic Truffles are easy to grow, and they can grow in the wild, or they can be cultivated in artificial environments.

Where to Buy Cheap Magic Truffles?

Since the popularity of magic truffles is slowly increasing, many are very curious on where to but or purchase one. Where to buy cheap magic truffles, are they good quality, and are they sold in a dispensary, or is it possible to buy them online?

Yes, just like magic mushrooms, magic truffles can also be bought online. There are many online stores where you can buy magic mushrooms. These are quality variety and make it easy for consumers to purchase them. Magic mushrooms in most regions can be purchased online and can be received through the mail.

Online Stores

Technology is making everything easy and accessible. Cannabis online stores are everywhere, and there are specific stores that sell magic truffles. Newbies may be unfamiliar with magic truffles and may find it hard to find, but with the help of the world wide web, you can actually find many stores that sell top-quality magic truffles with a wide variety to choose from.

In selecting the store online, make sure to have a little background check. A trusted store must have feedbacks from other customers as well as good customer support that can help you with your query and transactions. Note that in buying magic truffles online, your order will not be processed if payment has not been made. So make sure that you are buying from a trusted online store.

These are just a few of the many online stores that sell cheap magic truffles. Now you may wonder why magic truffles are sold online while magic mushrooms are not? The main reason is that magic truffles can be legally sold online is that they are officially considered as a by-product of magic mushrooms; hence they do not contain any hazardous substances that might have dangerous effects on the body.

Physical Store

magic truffles may not be as popular as cannabis or magic mushrooms, but there are local stores that sell magic truffles products. These stores have great packaging for magic truffles ad there is a wide array of variety available. Most local stores have knowledgeable staff where you can ask information about the product that
you want to purchase.

Magic truffles are considered less dangerous being a by-product of magic mushrooms; they can also be bought in physical stores in areas where magic mushrooms are also sold.

cheap magic truffles

What are the Effects of Magic Truffles?

Magic Truffles can bring about a happy and energetic trip. The effects depend on the dosage that you take. For a smaller dosage, it will allow you to experience slightly creative social high with a mild visual soft trip. A higher dosage will lead to an intense trip, hallucinations, and psychedelic experience.

How to Consume Magic Truffles?

There are two standards ways to consume magic truffles:

Chew – this is the basic or the most common way on how to consume or ingest magic truffles. In chewing magic truffles, you have to chew it very well. Chew is as much as possible until the enzymes on your mouth extract the psilocybin, which will help your body in digesting it faster.

Drinks – if you are not comfortable with chewing magic truffles, you can infuse it in a drink like tea, for example. All you have to do is cut your preferred amount of magic truffles into tiny pieces and put them into water. Place the mixture into a small pan. Heat it, but do not let it boil. Just make sure that the magic truffle is being cooked with the water. Overheating, it may remove the psilocybin. Heat it low temperature for about 10-15 minutes and then filter the mixture into a cup. Add your preferred tea flavor. That is the process of consuming magic truffles by infusing them into drinks.

As the cannabis industry is booming, there is no doubt that the psychedelic world is also being affected by the overwhelming acceptance that the cannabis community is gaining day by day. Being psychedelic by nature, magic truffles have the same impact as most cannabis, especially in terms of bringing about psychedelic high. It is a good thing that cheap magic truffles are being sold in local dispensaries and many online stores. Its legality has made it accessible for many users.

Magic Truffles are still new to the psychedelic world, but it is getting positive feedbacks as a legal and safe way of experiencing psychedelics. Magic truffles are now getting popularity, thanks to the scientific and medical breakthroughs that subjected the benefits that we can find from it.

Cheap magic truffles are available online and in a few physical stores. For now, there are limited stores where you can find it, but since magic truffles are gaining popularity, expect that the demand will increase, and it will be available in many stores in the future.

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How to Order Shrooms Online

order shrooms online

As more and more people are being introduced to Shrooms, you can’t help but find ways on how to order Shrooms online. It’s the only way you can consume and have Shrooms if there are no able dispensaries near you. Luckily, there are dozens of Shrooms dispensaries online and you can outright order them anytime you want.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways on how to order Shrooms online and what are some benefits and advantages when ordering Shrooms online. Just be sure that when buying spores online, it is only for research and educational purpose. Still, growing psilocybin is illegal and is only legal in a few states.

order shrooms online

How to Get Magic Mushrooms Online? And Be Safe Doing it?

When it comes to magic mushrooms, the biggest test comes when you are trying to buy them because most countries consider magic mushrooms as illegal because they are considered a controlled substance. Especially in the United States, Magic mushrooms are considered schedule 1 drugs. This means that the U.S. Government considers them as a psychedelic drug with no current medical use and has a high potential for abuse.

Ordering Shrooms online is different from country to country. Some countries like Jamaica, Brazil, the Netherlands considers magic mushrooms as legal. Other countries such as Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom consider this substance as illegal.

In the United States, however – it can be quite tricky to have magic mushrooms, it is because only a few states decriminalized magic mushrooms. Moreover, in some states that haven’t decriminalized it yet, you can still buy magic mushrooms legally. There are 3 known states that you can’t buy spores are in Idaho, Georgia, and California.

Ways on How to Order Shrooms Online

When it comes to ordering Shrooms online, this might be the safest and easiest way to do it and get them even if it is illegal in your country or state.

When it comes to buying online, although there are around 180 different species of magic mushrooms, the only available type of Shrooms is the Psilocybe Cubensis. One interesting about Psilocybe Cubensis is that they are broken down to different strains that are associated to place where they were found, place where it was cultivated, or hybridizing strains to form new strain. There are a variety of ways on how to look at them when buying Shrooms online.

Grow kit

Typically, grow kit is a box-formed substrate from inoculated with magic mushroom mycelium. As long as it is exposed to air, light, and water, it will start to fruit and will ultimately produce mushrooms in a little less than a week.

While this is the easiest way on how to order Shrooms online, it can be a little tricky from different kinds of countries. Since almost 80% of the world considers this illegal, getting the, right next to you is an impossible task. And even if you’ve successfully bought it online, it could be seized at the customs once they checked that these are Shrooms.

Spore Print

By far, this is the easiest and safest way to order Shrooms online and that will allow your Shrooms to be directly shipped into your home without the fear of being seized is by buying a spore print.

A spore print is a mushroom cutting that is usually slashed of the cap of the mushroom and placing its gill side down onto a piece of tin foil or depending on how big the cap is. After that, you’ll place a glass cover onto the cuttings make sure that the mushroom cap is entirely covered. Once don, you will have to wait for around a day or two before coming back.

When you lift the cap, you will find hundreds to thousands of little spores around the cap that you can scrape them with distilled water and adding those spores onto a syringe.

When they are stored in a syringe you can easily inject them onto a substrate much like a grow kit along with your preferred soil to grow with your spores.

What’s good about spore prints is that they can be stored up to 2 years in your fridge and can be used to inoculate different substrates. By far, in this list, this would be the cheapest option as most spore prints cost around 30$ that easily produces around 400 wet grams which would come down around 30 grams when dried.

Spore prints are a beneficial option if we are to recommend one. Especially that you can produce different kinds of the spore into different substrates, this means that you will have infinite spore prints at your disposal. Meaning you’ll produce Shrooms by yourself when that time comes.

Spore Vials and Syringes

This would be the last option on how to order Shrooms online. Unlike the second option where you would need to harvest little spores and add them onto a syringe or vial. This option is that one, meaning that it already has the little spores from these vials and syringes, you’ll only need them to be inoculated into a substrate. This is especially a good option if you are trying to grow some species but they don’t sell the spore print themselves.

Note: Always remember that it would be hard for you to order Shrooms online if your country or state deems it illegal. It would take some time for it to be legalized in most parts of the world and may it would take longer than expected as more and more researches are conducted as to how Shrooms affect humans.


Magic mushrooms may take a longer route to be legally available to other countries. Just like Marijuana, it would need a hefty amount of studies to fully support magic mushrooms consumption. If you are planning to take a chance and order them online, we’ve listed some ways on how to order Shrooms online.

Now that you know the ways on how to order Shrooms online, we strongly suggest ordering a spore print. It would be the safest and easiest way to order Shrooms online without hassle.

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Useful Tips on How to Buy Mushroom Spores Online

mushroom spores

In recent times, more and more people are getting introduced to using Magic mushroom. Magic mushrooms contain the psychedelic compound known as Psilocybin. It is the active compound found in the magic mushroom that people are after. It gives you that psychedelic high and other health benefits. As you get more and more acquainted with magic mushrooms, you may want to buy one. Lucky for you, we’ll discuss with you some of the useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online.

Before we starting diving directly to useful tips, let us first discuss what are mushroom spores and why should we buy one? Read down below!

What are Mushroom Spores?

Mushroom spores are tiny, reproductive cells that are capable of growing into a mushroom. They are sold online and can be available in different kinds of strains. If you are planning to cultivate or buy magic mushrooms, you aren’t getting the real deal because it is almost illegal in almost 80% in counties around the world.

The best way to cultivate or get a magic mushroom is through mushroom spores. They can be bought in a lot of different ways. They are like pollens from flowers, mushroom spores allow the fungus to replicate and grow in the wild. Each spore is different from other spores. Sometimes, mushroom spores are calling cards for the type of mushroom identity it has. They are usual identification for mushroom hunters in the wild if that certain mushroom is safe for consumption when caught in the wild.

Mushroom spores are located from parts of the mushrooms, they are found in the gills, underside of the mushroom’s cap, and teeth. Plus, not all mushrooms produce pores most of the time. Spores are similar to the fruit of a tree. Mushrooms, just like fruit-bearing trees only produce spores and fruits if they have they have enough available nutrients and water to account for the added energy required for producing the spores. Therefore, when mushroom produces spores, it only means that it has a healthy way of living in their environment.

mushroom spores

Useful Tips on How to Buy Mushroom Spores Online

When buying Mushroom spores online, be reminded that there are a lot of strains of Mushroom. However, there are specific strains that are for beginners which can be grown with minimal knowledge. There are also specific strains that are hard to deal with and can only be trusted to a few experts and seasons growers.

Tip 1: Know Your Mushroom Spore

Many known species of mushrooms are sold online. And if you are a beginner, you are opting for an easier to grow mushroom, right? Then lucky for you, there’s a wide variety of mushrooms that can be easily grown such as the Golden Teacher, B+, Ecuador, and PES Hawaiian strains. If you only have minimal knowledge or are new to the mushroom industry, then go from there.

Certain mushroom strains are for intermediate and expert users, if you are planning to study mushrooms, then the most commonly encountered mushroom is the Psilocybe Cubensis. This is the best choice for mycologists for their microscopic studies.

Then there are the mushroom strains that are for intermediate and expert users. And most of them are sought for their psychedelic effects. To name a few, Psilocybe Cyanescens, Psilocybe Galindol, and Psilocybe azurescens.

Tip 2: Legality

All species of Mushroom from psychedelic mushrooms are currently legal to possess, countries such as Canada, the United States, and most other countries, because these mushroom spores don’t contain any chemicals that have an illegal controlled substance. However, if they are to be cultivated the mushroom may produce mycelium, which may be an illegal act depending on what part of the world they’re cultivating.

Remember that psychedelic mushroom spores are only sold for educational purposes and microscopic studies. They aren’t intended for cultivation. When you are trying to cultivate the spores for your psychoactive purposes, then it’s a different story.

Tip 3: Buy from Reputable Online Companies

It is always better to study the overall background of the mushroom seller you are trying to buy from. This is the common mistake people go through. Some vendors aren’t highly-reliable when offering their products, and sometimes most of it is low-quality. Always buy mushroom spores online through a reputable and trusted site. Although some of them are quite expensive, it is better to trust your money buying in them rather than in vague companies.

Furthermore, reputable companies have internal quality control protocols. This means that before their products leave their warehouse, it went through quality observation to deliver high satisfaction from their buyers. By far, it is one of the best useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online.

Tip 4: Price

It would be wise to spend a little less. However, in the magic mushrooms community, it raises red flags. One of the common negatives when trying to buy mushrooms online at a cheaper price is having low-quality products. Always remember that mushroom production is labor-intensive and costly, unreasonably cheap mushroom products might deceive you. Expensive mushroom spores bought online from a reputable company will only yield better results and overall satisfaction.

Tip 5: Magic Mushroom Overall Strength

Identifying your mushroom spores is not enough. You need to know the overall background of your mushroom. This is usually determined through the overall process of its production and where it was grown. You can’t just buy mushroom spores because your friend uses it, although it may play a little role in buying your mushroom spores online, it is important to know that physiology differs from person to person. This means that it may have a different interaction with them and you.

mushroom sporesConclusion

If you are intrigued by these mushroom spores and are planning to buy them online, it is important to carry our useful tips on how to buy mushroom spores online. Not only does it will give you better products but also overall satisfaction.

As more and more people are using magic mushrooms, it is always good to remember that some things need consideration before trying to buy online. Finally, our tips should suffice everything you need when trying to buy mushroom spores online.

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Understanding the Effects of Magic Mushrooms on Your Mental Health

magic mushrooms mental health

Magic Mushrooms are making waves for its therapeutic benefits. Just like Marijuana, magic mushrooms live in the wild or can be cultivated at home. The fuss about Magic mushroom is that they can be a good treatment for mental illnesses. This is because magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic, and psychedelic compounds.

Psilocybin is one of the most popular psychedelics used by humans or associated with them. In this article, we’ll talk more about magic mushrooms mental health together, and understanding its effects if they can be of good use to humans or not in the long haul.

Magic Mushrooms

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound present in Magic mushrooms – they are also naturally-occurring. Psilocybin has been classified as a schedule 1 drug, this means that they can be exploited and misused in a variety of ways, just like Marijuana. Plus, psilocybin has no history of federally accepted for medical use in the United States.

Although certain cultures are known to use the effects of magic mushrooms, psilocybin was only discovered and isolated way back in 1958. However, Psilocybin works differently from person to person. One of the most common psychedelic effects of Psilocybin are:

– Vividly seeing more colors.
– Thinking unusual thoughts and imaginations.
– Stagnant objects appear to be moving
– Euphoric feeling
– Time is slowing down

Not everybody has a pleasing experience when consuming Magic mushrooms. Some have unpleasant effects on the substance. This includes:

– Slight Paranoia
– Depression
– Fear
– Anxiety
– Numbness
– Panic Attacks
– Nauseated

These are just some of the good and bad reactions when consuming this type of substance. However, please do note that each people have different interactions with the substance.

What do Magic Mushrooms do to People?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Magic Mushrooms have a hallucinogenic and psychoactive substance known as Psilocybin. Consuming magic mushrooms can distort reality, affect the senses, and makes you feel certain sensations that seem real. However, the effects of magic mushrooms on each individual greatly vary from a lot of factors, and it is also believed that environmental factors play a role in it.

Mushrooms are used way back thousands of years for treating various ailments. It is often used for spiritual experiences and self-discovery. Most people believe that plants and other natural organisms that can distort reality and cause psychoactive effects like magic mushrooms, cannabis, and mescaline are holy plants that help attain supernatural states when consumed upon.

Psilocybin present in magic mushrooms is converted to psilocin in the body is said to influence the levels of serotonin in the brain, the elevation of serotonin leaves causes the brain to cause distorted reality, unusual perceptions, and altered states. When consuming magic mushrooms, it would take around 4o to 70 minutes before the psychoactive effect to kick in, and these effects usually last up to 5 to 7 hours – the same time it takes for the psilocin to be metabolized and expelled.

A lot of factors play when consuming magic mushrooms and how it affects individuals. From age, lifestyle, personality, emotional well-being, dosage, age, environment, and any history of mental illness. That’s why people need to have a deeper understanding of the effects of this so-called sacred herbs.

Ready to try shrooms? Click here for authentic magic mushrooms from a trusted shrooms dispensary!

What do Experts Say About Magic Mushrooms Mental Health to People?

While most people seek Magic mushrooms for a peaceful high, consuming a high dosage of Magic mushrooms can lead to a lot of adverse effects such as anxiety, paranoia, and confusion for some. Most hospital admissions associated with consuming magic mushrooms are said to be known to be colloquial as having a “bad trip”.

Off-Label or Newly Accepted Uses of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms were used by indigenous people way back thousands of years, both for its medicinal and spiritual benefits. In 2018, researchers from John Hopkins university recommended that Psilocybin should be reclassified from Schedule I drug to Schedule IV drug to give way for medical use. Studies also suggest that Psilocybin may have the potential to affect human lives for treating various conditions such as cancer treatment, depression, anxiety, nicotine addiction, and other substance use disorders.

In 2019, Denver was the first city to decriminalize the use of Magic mushrooms. Although this does not necessarily say that the use of magic mushrooms are illegal, this only says that the city is not allowed to spend resources to impose criminal penalties for people being caught having magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin for Potential Psychiatric Treatment?

Some minor studies suggest that psilocybin can be of great help for conditions such as treatment-resistant depression, addiction, OCD, and cancer-related depressions, anxiety, and many more.

Despite the growing research conducted for magic mushrooms mental health, a 2018 review suggests that the understanding of psilocybin’s effects are still minimal and at its infancy stage. It says that there should be significant progress and scientific breakthroughs that need to be done to further understand how psilocybin works from the cognitive and neural mechanism aspects.

Also, scientists have yet to determine the effects of psilocybin for long-term use, and what detrimental effects it can show to an individual. More research is needed for consuming magic mushrooms due to reports for users experiencing drastic changes in personality as well as flashbacks after consuming mushrooms.

Also, it should be noted that magic mushrooms look quite similar to poisonous mushrooms. This poses another potential risk of consuming this drug. Mushroom poisoning has a lot of bad effects to humans, from causing severe illnesses, organ damage, and worst, death.


Although it remains to be questionable for the use of magic mushrooms for mental health, people should be wary of all of its adverse effects when consumed upon. There are still further researches needed for magic mushrooms’ mental health to be federally legal.

Just like Marijuana, every herb or plant that has some potential benefits should undergo vast research and studies to be accepted when used. Although the use of magic mushrooms for medicinal and psychiatric benefits remains to be minimal, the traction of research should provide plenty of optimism for the years to come. Hopefully, this substance can help people for years to come.

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Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body or not?

are shrooms bad for your body

Shrooms are cultivated or wild mushrooms containing psilocybin. This is a naturally- occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound. This compound is among the known psychedelics which can potentially be misused. That is why you may want to throw this question, “Are shrooms bad for your body?

Know that shrooms are the same as the LSD. This is in the way they affect the body. LSD and shrooms are psychotropic drugs. They affect the central nervous system producing the effects. Such a mushroom trip is a shorter and milder version of an LSD trip. Shrooms don’t cause visions of things or hallucinations that are not there. Instead, they distort one’s perception of actual objects.

If you trip on magic mushrooms, you will then see things in different patterns or colors. Existing tastes, sounds, colors, & textures might also get distorted. You’ll also then notice that your emotions and feelings intensify. The feeling is the same as the speeding up of time. It slows down and stops completely. Plus, you’ll feel a changed perception in the universe. There’s this feeling of communing with a higher power.


What Be the Long-Term Effects?

You must never use shrooms if you are pregnant. It is not yet known how shrooms can affect the growing baby and a pregnant woman. Shrooms also have drugs featured in it. And that makes them harmful for the baby. Taking shrooms with alcohol or drugs increases the risk of other health issues.

What Will the Short-Term Effects Be?

Shrooms can severely affect people depending on the following things:

•  Amount to take
•  Location
•  Things to expect
•  Age & weight
•  Foods to be eaten
•  Previous use of the drug
•  Personality

The effects of shrooms are felt in just about thirty minutes. They also would last for about three to six hours. And the effects would be the strongest in the first three to four hours.

Shrooms can change the sense of hearing, smelling, sight, taste, and touch. Be ready as your body may feel very light or very heavy. You’ll also feel that religious or magical experience.

What Happens on a Mushroom Trip?

Mushroom trip depends upon by dosage, by dosage, and by the type of mushroom that is eaten. Some of the shrooms are more powerful than any other. The environment type and the emotional state of the user play an essential part in the trip.

If you have a structured environment or you are in a poor state of being, you will feel a bad trip. You will feel anxious, nervous, paranoid, and terrified rather than euphoric. Get over such a bad trip by waiting it out. As a novice, you need to be guided by an experienced friend.

What Is One Thing to Keep in Mind?

When you take shrooms, you’ll ordinarily experience stomach problems, nausea, and dizziness. Your muscle will then begin to feel weak. You will lose your appetite, and you get that numb feeling. The symptoms will subside after the trip has finally ended. Mushroom users would often smoke marijuana to battle nausea.

Are Shrooms Bad for Your Body—Bring in a Less Intensified Experience

Shrooms are not addictive. But, tolerance tends to build up easily. Taking shrooms 2 days in a row brings about a less intensified experience the next day. There is a cross-tolerance with other psychotropic drugs. These drugs can include peyote, mescaline, and LSD. This means to say that taking one builds up your tolerance.


Are They Dangerous?

Those who have mental illnesses may exacerbate their symptoms through shrooms. There is not yet evidence of death brought by shrooms. The amount to eat before death is experienced should be greater than the usual dose. But then, death can come out from misidentified shrooms.

What Are The Different Types of Shrooms

Shrooms may seem bad for your body, considering the unknown types. There are toxic shrooms that could cause stomach issues. Some also cause death and organ failure. Hunting for an edible mushroom is best left to those who know more about shroom identification.

Shroom species belong to the genus of Psilocybe. The majority of them are found on the small side. Once they are fresh, they have yellowish, brownish, and grayish stems. They feature brown-&-white caps or brown caps &  dark grills.

What Are the Dosages of Shrooms?

The intensity and dosage of shrooms rely not only on the species. However, it concerns much of its location and the manner of handling. There are shrooms so far believed to be stronger. And, they bring about a more intensified high. Some of them can bring a mellower high experience.

The psilocybin found in the mushrooms deteriorates once dried. That’s why people would take more to compensate. Shrooms are sold in 1/8 of an ounce. This can cost around 35 dollars. Its effects will differ from one person to another.

Newbies like you should begin with one gram of dried mushrooms. Wait for an hour. Know how you feel. Decide if you will take more. Chew on dried or fresh mushrooms. Know that the shrooms do not taste as good as always. Some shrooms also bring a floury taste. Some are bitter or are sour. Eat them with fruit like strawberries that will combat the flavor. If you want, follow some tasty recipes from chili to smoothies. But cooking shrooms for a long time may break down the psilocybin. This will then result in weaker effects.

How’s Brewing a Shroom Tea?

Shrooms are not only just eaten so that their effects are felt. They could as well be brewed, so they become tea. Grind them and steep them in hot water. Strain the liquid that comes out of it. This is claimed not to have an impact on the intensity of the trip.

Shrooms and alcohol are often combined. The shrooms are soaked in tequila or rum. The liquid is also used in combined drinks. It is also simply drunk. Those who have a trip on mushroom extract or tea say they feel the effects quicker than by eating it. The dried mushrooms are finely-grounded and packed into a gelatine capsule. This now creates a mushroom pill. This helps avoid texture and taste completely.


The question “Are shrooms bad for your body?” can be answered by a yes and a no. If you use shrooms regularly, you may then become mentally dependent on what makes you feel. If you use shrooms moderately and appropriately, it will then do well in the body. This is true if you are suffering from ailments that require the use of it!

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Shroom Tea 101 : 6 Interesting Benefits That You Need To Know

shroom tea

What do you think are the benefits of shroom tea? Before digging deeper into those, it’s good to know first about this kind of tea. This beverage is known to contain psilocybin. Usually, the dried mushrooms are divided into smaller pieces. They are then boiled in water the same as the normal tea. This is indeed different from the rest of the teas for the psychedelic effects it brings. This is accepted primarily in Canadian culture. A lot of people now like a warm cup of mushroom tea.

The shroom tea is made following the grinding up of dried shrooms. They are later turned into a fine powder. They are brewed to creating a refreshing and warm beverage. This is advantageous, especially as it kicks in a lot quicker

shroom tea

Below are so far the benefits of shroom tea that you will appreciate.

Changes in the Visual Perception

The first benefit to experience from drinking it is the changes in visual perception. Your emotions and thoughts will change. Even time is thought to be distorted. This tea will make you more emotionally open in a common occurrence. A sense of happiness and curiosity will strike hard. Your mind will open up, and your body will become more tuned into the world.

Strong Emotions to Follow

Strong emotions will usually follow after drinking the tea. This may give a negative impression as the emotions can also be both bad and good. But, just do not resist any of these feelings. Better to relax. Embrace these emotions. Allow them to be in control of you. Just be reminded of the intense emotions and sensations. These are just temporary. Enjoy the ride accepting it calmly and fully.

Good Functioning of the Body’s Various Enzymes

Shroom tea is highly nutritious. It contains various vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B, & Vitamin H, anti-oxidants such as Glutathione, and minerals such as potassium, selenium, and copper. These are deemed beneficial in securing the good functioning of the body’s various enzymes. They also further revitalize their appearance. They help fight cancers of different forms. Plus, they best maintain your health.

Younger Look Achieved

The tea is known to contain some specific acids. These can benefit the skin while reducing certain effects of aging, including wrinkles. For one, Kojic acid is essentially a mushroom extract component. This is among the known acids useful in skin treatment. It further inhibits and reduces Tyrosine. This amino acid is serving up as a precursor fo melanin, a pigmented compound. Just as melanin is decreased in production, the skin tone is then lightened.

Shroom tea is beneficial to those who have different pigmentation. This also includes those who have an underlying condition that affects their skin tone. Plus, it reverses skin damages occurring due to unprotected sun exposure.

Mushroom tea also contains an essential compound as Hyaluronic acid. This found in the human skin molecule. It is also a lubricant serving its purpose in joints. It is indeed an “anti-aging elixir”. This is very much effective when it comes to reducing the wrinkle effect.

As with Hyaluronic acid, it comes with high affinity for the water molecules. This thereby permits an increase in hydration level. This reduces dry skin while it prevents wrinkle formation. It replenishes the hyaluronic acid levels that diminish with age. It is useful in counteracting the effects of acne medicines.

Acne & Other Conditions Eliminated as Among the Benefits of Shroom Tea

Shroom tea contains essential antioxidants and vitamins. This helps treat and improve skin milder conditions and disorders. Consuming tea increases more of the Vitamin D levels. Keep in mind that Vitamin D is protective against anti-inflammatory properties. This also reduces the irritations coming from acne, pain, and inflammation.

One more thing, it comes with specific anti-microbial properties. This effectively reduces microbes’ load with acne. This also helps manage its severity. It is beneficial as well in reducing the uneven skin tone brought by acne scars.

The anti-oxidants in the tea eliminate the oxidative load on cells. They then eliminate the stress they undergone. This works well along with anti-inflammatory vitamins. This also reduces inflammatory damaged by conditions such as skin irritation and rashes. That’s when your skin becomes clear and soft.

Hair Growth Promoted

The minerals found in the tea help promote hair growth. Hair loss is as well reduced in this case. Chances of having dandruff or infection forms are also decreased. The minerals of iron, copper, and selenium also have their role in your hair. With iron, it maintains red blood cells. It also regulates the oxygen transported by these cells. Hair fall occurs due to a reduced supply of oxygen to the root. And the root is set under the skin where the hair grows.

Decreased levels of oxygen can result in abnormal shedding and growth. Shroom tea helps counteract this effect. Hair growth is best promoted, while hair loss is best reduced. On the other hand, Selenium is the body’s trace element. This is needed by the thyroid hormones. If this is lacking, hair loss is likewise experienced. The tea can essentially provide for selenium to best reduce hair loss.

Selenium helps regulate antioxidants such as Vitamin C. It also reduces damage to the hair. It promotes the growth of the hair while it reduces the damaging free radicals.

Another ingredient found in the tea that helps your hair is copper. This best stimulates the blood flow to the roots. Thus, the growth of the hair is increased, and hair loss is reduced. The tea can bring about a synergistic effect. Copper responsibly produces melanin. Consume it to get copper. Reduce premature gray hairs as much as possible with shroom tea. Remember to only purchase shroom teas from trusted dispensaries like Shrooms Direct!


Enjoy much of the benefits of shroom tea, that is an excellent choice to try. You will find yourself improving. It is worth considering incorporating shroom tea into your diet. It is impressive for its nutritional benefits, especially as it comes in an easily consumable and accessible form. Achieve such beautiful and younger skin. Reap off all its health benefits to bring.

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How are Psilocybin Mushrooms Grown?


Nowadays, more and more people take interest and are now growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. This is another way of keeping up with the demand of this product, as well as giving a reliable, a year-round supply of mushrooms. Home cultivation or mushroom gardening surely eliminates the danger of misidentifying mushrooms as compared to finding and searching mushrooms in the wild. For a lot of mushroom growers, it is also a fun and a relatively low-cost kind of hobby that has a big potential of earning.

If you have never tried or ventured in growing mushrooms before because of lack of experience, you might want to reconsider and you might be tempted to start with a psilocybin mushroom grow kit.  Because mushroom grow kits are ready-to-use packs that contain a living mycelium substrate, the material that helps in the proper mushroom growth. With these ready-to-use packs, all you just need to do is to keep humidity suited for mushroom growing.

Although there is a different kind of feeling if you’re starting from scratch, growing mushroom is very rewarding. Like making your own substrate, this will not only bring more consistency but also make them less prone to contamination as well. When it comes to the cost, there is also no remarkable difference in the price, and still, you will end up learning and earning a lot more.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding Spore Syringes of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Finding or getting a good spore syringe could be one thing you might be challenged with. The spore syringe will contain your spores and will be used to sow them into the substrate. There are some mushrooms growers who have reported concerns and issues of contamination. Some issues on misidentified strains and there are even syringes that only contain nothing but water

But as long as you are doing your research and never stop in looking for a reputable supplier like reading feedback, then you don’t have to worry. In successfully growing your first bath or flush of mushrooms, you can now start filling syringes on your own so you can be self-sufficient.

Varieties of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Another thing you will need to do is to choose what species and strain you want to cultivate. A lot of suppliers offer a wide range to choose from.

But the Psilocybe cubensis are generally recommended for beginners. While these, they are not as potent as others, like the Penis Envy, they are more relatively forgiving on suboptimal and changeable conditions.

Other Methods of Growing Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms From a Kit

For people who are first-time growers, growing mushrooms using a ready-made kit can still be a lot of fun because it is an easy option in order to produce their own mushrooms. These growing kits normally consist of plastic bags that are filled with sterilized and inoculated straw or soil.

So all you need to do is to keep the bag in the proper living conditions, and if done correctly, in just 7 to 10 days, you will have your very own homegrown mushrooms. Kits generally cost around $20 and $30 and are used to grow most of the common mushroom types like the following: crimini, white button, portobello, shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms.

To start the growing process, just open the bag and place it under a bright location, but out of direct sunlight, places like a shady windowsill. The kit must be stored in a place at room temperature, but it needs to be sprayed with water daily to keep a high level of humidity. There are some kits that will provide you with plastic tents to cover the bag and to maintain humidity levels.

The mushrooms will soon start to sprout after seven to ten days, but you can already expect to have two or three flushes of growth in a three month period. Another great thing in using these kits is that after they have produced mushrooms, you can bury them outdoors, ideally, under bark mulch or in your compost pile. The given favorable weather conditions, your mushrooms will begin to grow on that spot.

Growing Mushrooms on a Hardwood Log

This is another natural way to grow some species of mushrooms like the  Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Shiitake mushrooms, Pearl Mushrooms, Maitake mushroom, and Phoenix Oyster mushrooms are with the use of a log. To do this, you have to perform an inoculation of the hardwood logs using birch plugs which have been completely colonized by mushroom mycelium. Birch plugs are commercially available online and also from specialist mushroom spore store suppliers.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

The first step, you need to look for a suitable log for mushroom growing. The logs that you choose must be cut from non-aromatic hardwood trees like the poplar tree, oak tree, maple tree,  and elm tree. The size should be around 3 feet or 4 feet in length and not more than 14 inches in diameter. You have to make sure that the logs are cut 2 weeks before you do the plugging. This will allow the trees’ anti-fungal characteristics to degrade.

In order to colonize 3-feet to 4 feet long, you will approximately need 50 plugs. In inserting the plugs, you need to use a 5/16 inches drill bit to make 2 inches deep holes and made a diamond pattern all over the entire log. The holes must be 4 inches spaced apart. Insert the birch plugs gently into the deep holes and gently tap using a hammer in order to fully insert.

If you are planning to leave the hardwood logs outdoors, you’ll need to cover and also seal the drilled holes with either a cheese wax or beeswax to protect the plugs from prying insects and harsh weather. But if you will keep the log indoors, like in your a garage or basement, you do not have to put cheese wax or beeswax.

The mushroom mycelium will start to spread from the birch plugs throughout the entire log until the whole piece of wood has been colonized. Once the log is fully colonized, mushrooms will then begin to sprout from the cracks of the log. This usually happens in between 9 months to 12 months, but of course, this will also depend on the temperature and humidity conditions. The mushrooms will reproduce year after year.

Final Words

Mushrooms are fun to grow with the right conditions and right practice. Growers can earn a lot by growing healthy mushrooms. Growing kits are easy and effective in growing mushrooms in an affordable manner.

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