Cheap Magic Truffles: Where to Find Them

When you hear the word Magic Truffles, you’d think that this one might be different from Magic Mushrooms. Well, the truth is that this doesn’t seem to be different at all in terms of effects and content. They differ much on their appearance and how they are grown. Since the cannabis industry is booming, it […]

Mouthwatering Shroom Cookies: Baking Guide

The cannabis legalization over the last century so about has shown a giant revolution in the world of pot cooking. A term once characterized by gritty and addiction brownies, which would render you to rise off your sofa, has now become something more respectable, more practical, and tastier. Skilled cooks are also turning their attention […]

How to Bake Magic Mushroom Cake

Despite being less powerful than LSD, magic mushrooms are still known to cause an altered perception of both time and space. This experience creates a tear in reality and is commonly called hallucinations and visual and auditory distortions. Some might even experience some mystical and spiritual effects when using magic mushrooms. This is the reason […]

What Can You Make With Magic Mushroom Powder

Magic mushrooms are well-known hallucinogens that make life a bit more fun. Consuming these magic mushrooms come in different ways. Others tend to simply eat them while others incorporate them in food. Some also use magic mushroom powder to make it more accessible to users as an ingredient to their dishes. There are lots of […]

Yummy Magic Mushroom Brownies Recipe

Magic mushrooms are cultivated mushrooms that have a natural psychoactive and hallucinogenic property known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is one of the more popular psychedelics across the globe and is currently classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States. While many enjoy consuming it directly, there are certainly other ways for you to enjoy […]

Top Recipes for Magic Mushroom Edibles

Magic Mushrooms, ever since its peak of popularity, gained several blended ingredients that undoubtedly piqued the interest of its users. According to consumers, it’s agreeable that eating a magic mushroom in a raw way is not that tasty. Because of that, experienced users are finding out things on how to spice up their magic mushroom […]

How to Prepare Your Own Magic Mushroom Burger?

With the magic mushroom’s fame expanding over time, new ways of consumption made noise in the magic mushroom circle. Some procedures are too complex to execute, and there are significant proportions that seemed to be only advisable for highly experienced users. Either way, the only thing users at all levels, can agree on, is its […]

Magic Mushroom Popcorn Step by Step Guide

Aside from addictive substances that you always see on the internet such as marijuana, alcohol, etc., magic mushrooms belong to the same category as well. The common denominator a magic mushroom has with cannabis is every grower, and aspiring cultivators can have it, especially those who are users as well. Also, like how cannabis plant […]

How to Make Magic Mushroom Pizza

It’s so nice to learn how to make magic mushroom pizza as a delicious psychedelic snack treat. Magic Mushroom Pizza has two ways to make it perfect. Making a magic mushroom pizza is like making an ordinary pizza, whether you want Hawaiian, Pepperoni, or Ham and Cheese. In this article, we are going to tackle […]

Magic Mushroom Juice Preparation Tutorial

Pulverizing the magic mushroom into a very fine powder can make it easy to dissolve to make a magic mushroom juice. You can also add flavor such as lemon and orange to hide the Magic Mushroom’s taste. Other cannabis trippers claim that adding flavor to the Magic Mushroom can enhance the potency of the tour […]