Chocolate Shrooms

Chocolate Shrooms

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You’ll love our delicious tempered chocolates containing 1 full gram of your favourite psilocybe cubensis,  wrapped in strain-specific foil and molded into a flower shape that makes microdosing a snap.



Our delicious tempered chocolates are molded into a convenient flower shape that allows for more precise dosages based on how many ‘petals’ you consume, with each chocolate containing one full gram of your favourite psilocybe. Wrapped in coloured foil corresponding to each specific strain, these chocolates should be kept in a cool place and consumed within a year of purchase, and will last indefinitely if stored in the freezer. Each strain presents itself differently to the physiology of differing individuals, factoring in their body mass, mental state and their comfort with their surroundings, so it’s prudent to wait anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes for the initial effects to begin before substantially increasing your dose. As with all shroom products, keep these well out of the reach of pets, minors, pregnant or nursing women and anyone who isn’t on board for an incredible psychedelic journey.

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11 reviews for Chocolate Shrooms

  1. Ham Sambler

    Just tried the penis envy chocolates. Took a while to get here, but they were awesome. I thought me and my girlfriend could handle 1.5 grams (one & a half chocolates) each & it’d be a mild pleasant experience. Effects started to hit very fast, visuals started just 15 mins after injestion. Trip was incredibly intense, but very light & bubbly. We laughed & laughed. Shorter lived trip than some strains, but very powerful. Start at a smaller dose than me, i was FLOORED at 1.5 chocolates & i’m pretty experienced with psychedelics. Chocolates taste like vomit though 😛 i’d chop them up & swallow them like pills if i were you

  2. Mr. A

    These are the real deal. After battling major depressive disorder for many years I feel like I’ve finally made a breakthrough. I got to face my demons and do some great mental work that I’d been neglecting for years. The PE strain is incredibly powerful to me at least, so if you aren’t an experienced tripper go easy on these things!
    Took 1 gram and then another gram about an hour later. They hit incredibly fast and I had a strong 9 hour long trip. Day after I felt great but very tired (stayed up all night). General outlook on life is positive. This needs to be de-criminalized NOW, and offered as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

  3. Christi

    I agree with the last review…” The chocolate doesn’t break up easily because it’s very hard and it doesn’t break the way you want it to. These aren’t suitable for microdosing”….
    Try the lemon tech gummies for that. I had them in the freezer for a year or more and they still were good 1g is a bit low for me, higher tolerance, but great for starters. I don’t really like the taste of these myself, I prefer the gummies, the chocolate is hard. Still the Golden teacher, gold foil, is good for a mellow reflective affect. I also tried mixing it with the tea, but I wouldn’t recommend, the chocolate isn’t as fine as the tea so it’s chunky in the pot. 4 stars because of the taste for me, but I can see other reviewers like the taste; worth a try

  4. Tone

    Have Mine ordered will update when I get them 🙂

  5. AD

    Wow! How could these not be legal? Had a great time; walked outdoor, music, a few visual effects, giglling and a feeling of peace!
    Bought 7 pieces of Big Mex chocolates. I took one, another one after an hour, and another one after two (250lbs). The 3 pieces lasted about 6 hours. Second time I tried it mushrooms. So much better with chocolate 😛 I already bought again!

  6. Lori McNamara

    I purchased these around 6 months ago, left them in the fridge till a great 80s and 90s retro Cruise today and what a sweet journey! In and around the Toronto islands dancing to the music of my youth and sunshine and not too hot — these are great quality and just pure joy!

    Originally I purchased them with an interest in microdosing, didn’t get off the ground with that because I’ve been on opiates after wrist surgery. But now I realize these beautiful gems will factor in to my detox, coming soon. Putting in another order tomorrow!

    BTW now I’m defining life as “before the cruise” and “after the cruise” , and I don’t think your average boat ride can instill that kind of life change! Thanks…

  7. sunblock40

    Tried 1 gram of the Tex Mex chocolate. It was a nice light buzz that didn’t last very long and came on faster than expected — probably due to swimming. Could have done 2 grams or even 3 for a stronger and longer high, or maybe tried a stronger mushroom. For the record, I’m a 66-year-old woman (short) and used to do a lot of psychedelics back in the day. I actually haven’t done mushrooms for a about 10 years. I’m surprised at my tolerance level. It had a nice chocolate taste and we had a great day in nature. But we definitely could have done a bit more. I really liked the fact that there was no “hangover” and we didn’t get the mushroom yawns, either. Very nice day in the woods. Will purchase again for sure.

  8. Shawn

    I also wanted to add to my last review that I’ve become so much more kind a gentle when dealing with people. Especially my family. Humbled by the fact that I am 41 and just learning that life is so much more than I what I thought.

  9. Shawn

    I had the pleasure and priceless of eating 7 of the chocolate PE. WOW. What a life changing experience. These magical gifts took my on a journey with unparalleled insight. Laser focus and indescribable FUN! Over the last 4 weeks (since beginning my weekly journeys on shrooms) I have lost 32 pounds. I am able to workout everyday and keep to a strict diet because of the insight and focus I gain from these gifts of nature. I’m still going strong and the weekly time I take to step back from reality into a more enlightened state- keeps me from repeating old mistakes. Sincerely grateful to shrooms direct for the service and generous, kind advice.

    Your friend


    • MB

      Love to hear stories of progress like this Shawn. Keep up the good work!

  10. John Vieira

    Had one of these with Penis Envy my first time with that strain and only my second time ever with shrooms in general, amazing experience, and super long lasting for only carrying a gram. Although I’d have to agree with the comment that this likely wouldn’t be the best product if you were looking to microdose. Though I know almost nothing so feel free to take that with a massive grain of salt!

  11. Renee

    Good chocolate and good shrooms. The chocolate doesn’t break up easily because it’s very hard and it doesn’t break the way you want it to. These aren’t suitable for microdosing. I tried it and there’s no way to keep the doses consistent.

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