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The true OG of mushroom strains, this powerful catalyst of ancient tribal ritual still has many worlds to reveal to modern psilocybin enthusiasts.



The strain that paved the way for today’s therapeutic interest in psilocybin, Mazatapecs were the first “magic” mushroom discovered by American researchers in the 1950s, a discovery that would go on to inspire Timothy Leary and all the decades of psychonauts that followed him. The Mazatapec name resulted from an initial mishearing that went uncorrected, but this strain is enough of an icon that you can just call it “Maz”. Named for the Mazatec tribe in Oaxaca, a people whose deep connection with this plant is seen in their tradition of multi-generational ritual use, the skinny grey stems and small brown caps of the Mazatapec variety look deceptively simple for the profound complexities they can reveal.
Users report an energetic yet meditative feeling with a general body buzz that gives way to frequent open-eye visuals, featuring lots of colours, shapes, pattern morphing, and sometimes auditory hallucinations. As the trip goes on, some users describe a loss of ego that can be humbling and awe-inspiring, and others have reported experiencing the unlocking of long-forgotten childhood memories. The trip can be spiritual, and for some, profound and emotional. Some users benefit from approaching this journey like the Mazatec people still do to this day, with a sense of reverence and ritual – which they call “Velada” – and like all psychedelics, a positive state of mind will help facilitate a more ideal experience. The overall trip can last from 5 to 8 hours, and inexperienced users should start small and up their dosage only after waiting an hour to assess their condition.

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3 reviews for Mazatapec

  1. Strong visuals and hearing distortion. Would recommend

    Got 7gs a few months ago and took them on a solo camping trip at the north end of Algonquin provincial park. After canoeing up river 6 hours a day for 5 days I got to campsite where I had planned to take them. Only did 5gs cause the only thing I ate that day was a cliff bar. 45 mins in I got the yawns. Yawned for 20 mins and the last one echoed in my head. After that I was gone. Lost my hearing for a few seconds, stared at a 300 year old white pine for about an hour, meanwhile not giving a shit about the mass amounts of mosquitoes on my face. The tree branches looked connected together and they were breathing with every breath I took. On the come down ego death kicked in and I didn’t know where I was or how I would get home, but that only lasted for 10 mins. In the twilight I realized a few important things I needed to change in my life and gained a massive amount of peace and clarity. Don’t be afraid to take a large dose. Humans need to experience what psilocybin can do to your consciousness, don’t be a bitch.

  2. Anonymous

    These were the first mazatapec experience I’ve had, took 3g and it seemed to be the perfect amount. A great experience!

  3. Strange

    So I’ve had a few trips before, nothing more than 3g of just eating them, this time I thought I was ready for a 5g Lemon Tek (boy was I wrong). The effects came on pretty fast and by the peak I was seeing hieroglyphs and my mind totally emptied out, I knew what I had gotten myself into and accepted my fate for the night. I experienced Ego Death and on the decline I was all emotional over the things I’d seen. I saw the truth of the universe and felt deeply connected to everything. Basically these messed me up real good. If you’re looking for guidance and understanding, these will provide that for you. Please don’t try and be a hero with the dosage, it’s stronger than you think.

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