What Do You Need to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Growing your own psychedelic mushrooms can be very fun and rewarding. It offers multitudes of benefits that you will surely appreciate as a magic mushroom or psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts. One of the best things about growing your own psychedelic mushrooms is that it eliminates the risk of eating poisonous mushrooms. The truth is, psychedelic mushrooms […]

Best Way to Dry Shrooms

When taking a look at mushrooms, most people will think of it as something that is incorporated in food.  Mushrooms can be a great addition to some of your most favorite recipes. But you have to know that there are some mushrooms that are used not just to fill your stomach but can also give […]

How to Prepare the Substrate for Your Magic Mushrooms

Learning how to grow your own magic mushroom is easy and super rewarding. You can also enjoy numerous advantages if you know how to grow your very own magic mushrooms. One of the advantages that you will definitely appreciate is that it eliminates the risk of misidentifying mushrooms and eating poisonous dried shrooms. Also, cultivating […]

How To Get a Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe

The psychedelic effects of magic mushroom make it very appealing to many people and have earned it quite a following in the world of recreational drugs. The commended psychoactive properties of the mushroom coupled with the fact that it is natural and not laboratory manufactured, unlike most substances, gave it even more allure in the […]

How Long Does a Magic Mushroom Microdose Last

What exactly is microdosing? Microdosing in the magic mushroom world is a fairly a new trend. This involves taking in small doses of psilocybin around one-fifth of the normal dose. Microdosing is also done in a regular schedule. Many experts believe that microdosing works well when done every three days, especially in the morning. For […]

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